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Current workshops and consulting services, in addition to nutritional coaching based on the latest medical science research, include bio-energetic (mind-body) techniques.

You may not know that:

  • A great deal of complex cognitive processing occurs at the unconscious level and most mental processes are autonomous.
  • One of the key principles in psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body medicine) is the interrelatedness of the mind and the body. It was once believed that the mind and body were separate entities, but current research is proving otherwise.
  • The brain is constantly attacked by various lifestyle factors including environmental pollution, oxidative stress, poor diet and lack of exercise. Stress is the body’s reaction to perception (understanding, judgment, thoughts) and how you process and interpret everything around you. It reflects your feelings, emotions, experiences and attitudes about situations and people.
  • Bio-energetic techniques are safe, effective and widely accepted alternative methods that combine energy psychology and meridian-based energy therapies. They produce substantial results in a short amount of time.


Consulting Service 1: The Hidden Effects of Food on Health

Based on conventional and alternative medical science, I will reveal scientific findings about foods not recommended for men and foods women should avoid for healthy and gracious aging. This knowledge is especially critical for menopausal and post-menopausal women and men of andropausal and post-andropausal age. Such knowledge along with the practice of bio-energetic techniques (I will coach you) will lead to a more satisfied life and improve your health, appearance and physical intimacy with your partner.


Consulting Service 2: Coaching Self-Help with Weight Loss

Most people involved in weight loss believe that it's all about the calories. While this makes sense, it is only partly true. Most experts agree that overeating, weight gain and gastrointestinal functional impairments are due to a stress-induced response. Cortisol production increases in response to any stress in the body and affects systems throughout the body, including the heart. It can even shut down digestive activity. Based on various medical research findings, I use a method to deactivate the mind's self-sabotage to improve digestion and assimilation. I give private sessions on weight loss with FasterEFT/NLP (mind-body) techniques. I will train you in these methods through which you can achieve amazing effects with no need for a special diet(s). In addition, you will receive valuable tips for defending against deprivation without sabotaging your weight-loss efforts. This mind-body technique coaching will stop you from being a slave to food.


Consulting Service 3: Healthy Diet Retraining

Like a speech therapist who can correct early-detected problems, I can eliminate your or your child's craving for unhealthy food and aversion to healthy food. Aversions and/or cravings are treated in fun sessions focusing on one issue per session. This retraining service will be based on the number of foods you wish to introduce or remove from your diet or your child’s diet.


Consulting Service 4: Bio-Energetic Consulting for Achieving a Youthful Appearance

Psychological conditions are at the bottom of the aging process. I give private sessions with mind-body techniques and guarantee that you will like yourself unconditionally as a result. Many people deal with negative emotions and poor self-image. This struggle can affect everything from their relationships to their physical health. I will train you in methods through which you can achieve amazing emotional effects that will lead to changes in your appearance.


Consulting Service 5: Bio-Energetic Consulting on Strategies to Prevent Cancer or Other illnesses

Extensive multidisciplinary studies have presented unequivocal evidence that our psychological responses to stress and our perceptions of stress to a considerable extent affect our susceptibility to disease. In active relationship, the immune, neuroendocrine, and nervous systems respond to the brain and psyche. Medical science has revealed that unmitigated brain commotion from conscious and unconscious thoughts contributes to high stress and often leads to illness. A number of "modern disease patterns" are heavily related to daily stress and, more importantly, how we adapt to and handle it. Reliable media sources report that such common disorders include, in no particular order: obesity; diabetes; heart disease; autoimmune disorders like celiac disease, hypothyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis; gut disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome; and hormonal imbalance. With my strategy I guarantee you will overcome your fear in one session and, therefore, block strong psyche energy from interfering with your body’s ability to maintain homeostasis.


Consulting service 6: Ancient Secrets for Health and Happiness during Middle Age Crises

Based on studies of Oriental Traditional Medicine, I will disclose the information of great importance about male and female energy. I will reveal common false beliefs, peculiar to male or female behavior and physical aging, which block the natural way of sexual healing for both partners. I will coach you in FasterEFT/NLP (mind-body) techniques that will help you to restore true harmony with yourself and your partner, and unite your family in general.


Coaching Self-Help

If you choose to take an active part in your healing process, I will coach you in mind-body techniques to promote the release of stress and anxiety, and to address addiction, emotional issues, unhealthy relationships, trauma and physical pain. I give private sessions on resolving various issues (e.g., nightmares, love pain, fear of flying, etc.). Achieving freedom from these issues ultimately will help you overcome depression, anxiety, obesity and much more. I will share with you many ways to deepen and expand the transformations that you can experience.

All private sessions are either conducted in person or via Skype. All sessions are confidential. The fee will be applied to clients who are satisfied with the results of the chosen service.


"The Mystery of IBS and my path to Freedom" - Available on Amazon and Smashwords

"Do you suffer from chronic pain or functional disorders? Did you give up on the possibility of living without pharmaceutical pills? "The mystery of IBS and my path to freedom" offers extraordinary insights into healing, and how to achieve and maintain wellness. Although the author delved deep into medical research projects with the purpose of eliminating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) disorder, she found substantial scientific information (unknown by doctors) about the hidden causes of chronic and functional disorders and effective ways to get rid of them. This information, which is crucial to health, is enthusiastically imparted to the reader clearly and concisely, and is supported by the author's own experiences and recommendations."


"Love Never Hurts"

"Learning about emotions and feelings is very important because emotional maturity improves people's health, reduces stress, helps to have strong happy relationships, assists in finding better solutions to your problems and makes it easier to know yourself better."

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